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214-ken-lashley-events-Hey all, so life is a fun ride ..even if its bumpy as HELL !!! I have been doing lots of fun stuff..Lucasfilm, DC Comics, Hasbro and MARVEL Comics to name a few, what I like about my work is that it feels like fun everyday..I never feel like l hate what l do. I can get sick of the politics…and the drama…but in the end, l love my job . l changed my life a few years ago when l made the choice to work less and be there for my family. it was the best thing l ever did in my life…I put my daughters to bed every night..l was a 15 hour a day guy before…and although l was doing very well, I hated how much of my life was flying by.

My life is about balance. I’m blessed. I look forward to posting here and hearing from all of you…and I will be posting on your stuff as well…l see so much talent on here…l love it.

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